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Protects Your Privacy and Security

SavingsAce wants you to feel completely safe and secure during your visit to our website. Protecting your credit information and identity is our first priority. That's why we use the latest security technology to protect your private information during any transaction you make with SavingsAce.

Our website uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encrypts (or scrambles) your information during the transmission of any personally identifiable information you submit, including your credit card information. Encrypting your private information prevents it from being read while it is transferred through cyberspace.

Then, once we receive your information, it is stored as encrypted data until we are ready to process your request. SSL is supported by Netscape 2.0+, Microsoft IE 3.0+ and most frame-enabled browsers.

Additionally, internal access to your member information is protected and can only be accessed by password. We contract with industry experts to institute and review web security on a periodic basis.

Here's how to tell that your SavingsAce transaction is secure.

There's an easy way to tell that your SavingsAce transaction is safe. If you are using a Netscape or Microsoft browser, then you will see a small key or padlock in the bottom right corner of your browser window. This indicates that your transaction is secure.

Another way you can tell when your credit card information is safe is to look at the URL address. A URL that begins with "https://" is also an indication that your credit card information is being transmitted to a secure server.

As you see, we take extraordinary precautions to protect you and your information so that when you visit us online, you have peace of mind that your SavingsAce.


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